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ジェンの日記 Below are the 10 most recent journal entries recorded in the "Jenn" journal:

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June 14th, 2008
02:35 am




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January 14th, 2008
12:48 am


Worst League Ever

Today was the 4th in this season of our JPML League tournament. I went into it with high hopes and excited, but it ended up horrible.

The day started with a few online poker tournaments and I donked out of both of them. Actually, I donked out of 1, but the other one I got sucked out on. No bad beat stories tho. I went to Yuurakucho station, where the League tourney is and had to charge my Suica train card before exiting. I did, but I was busy watching a movie on my iPod (Dirty Dancing in case you wanted to know) and forgot to take my 4,000yen change! That's over $30 USD. I didn't realize it until after I got my Starbucks and showed up at the tournament hall and was paying my entry fee for the day. After I realized it, I sat down for a little while and really debated whether it was worth it to go see if it was there. I was sure someone had taken it already, but in the end I talked myself into taking the chance and walking the 5 minutes back to the train station.

It was there! I couldn't believe it but that made me feel great and I was ready to start playing Mahjong. The first game though was absolutely horrible. I lost 46 points and didn't gain any back for the rest of the day. I couldn't win a game and could barely win hands and ended up down over 60 points for the day. I think I'm still in the top 20 and still have a chance of moving up but it was such a depressing set... I really wonder if it's cuz I ordered a hot chocolate at Starbucks today instead of the iced soy chai latte I always get... hehe

After the session I hung out with Garthe a little bit. It was great because since we both went home for Christmas, we haven't hung out for weeks. Garthe is one of those people that appreciates my stupid corny jokes so I felt way better after that. Now it's time for bath and bed. Tomorrow is the JPL Heat Series. I need to win an iPod... I'm tired of losing at these games...


リーグ戦に向かいに有楽町駅に着いて、スイカチャージをしないといけなかった。その間iPodでビデオを見ていた(Dirty Dancingという映画)から集中せずに、お釣の4,000円を取るの忘れていた!高いよそれ!しかし、それを気づかずにスターバックスを買って、リーグ戦の受付のところで気がついた。やばいじゃん!諦めようか戻ってみようか悩んでいたが結局5分をかけて戻っちゃった。

そうしてあったよ!信じられなかった!だけどその調子でリーグ戦準備満々かと思って会場へ戻った。最初の半荘は最悪。本当に最悪。マイナス46点ぐらいで4半荘で取り戻せなかった。。。何をしてもだめで、全部でマイナス60点以上だった(T.T) それでもたぶん上位20位にまだ入っているから上がる可能性はなくないけどつらいよ。。。それはスターバックスでいつものアイストールソイチャイラテではなく、ホットココアを注文しちゃったから負けたのかな。。。笑


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January 13th, 2008
10:13 am


New Year, New Blog

So here I am back in Tokyo after the New Year. I played poker for the first time about a year ago and now I am playing as much as I can and writing the Japanese PokerStars.net blog for the Asia Pacific Poker Tour (APPT). That's great, but I realize that my English-speaking friends can't read the Japanese blog, and I don't have time to keep up 3 or 4 blogs, so starting today, the PokerStars blog is my priority and next is this blog. I finally have time to do something like this because we created a new content management system on my http://www.reachmahjong.com/ website. The thing is there are tons of Poker blogs in English and tons of Mahjong blogs in Japanese, but not many of the opposite. So I want to write bilingual so my fans in Japan can follow along with my English-speaking friends too. I gotta write about Mahjong and Poker, but mostly it's all going to be about me. hehe

I got back from Seattle on Friday and yesterday (Saturday) I got right to work. I have about 3 projects to catch up on with the website and mahjong work so I started with some updates and then went to play Mahjong Fight Club (MFC, the video game I'm featured in) for a couple hours before going to Japan Poker League (JPL). I did well at MFC and got 3 half-games in taking 1st, 1st and 3rd. I did really well in the MFC Christmas tournament last month so some of my score was carried over from that.

After that I went to JPL to play and there were 2 tables. I was doing pretty well and doubled up a few times (this is a daily tournament: 1500 in chips, rebuys for under 1500 until the 300-600 level ends and 1 add-on, NLHE), but after the rebuys were over I ended up in a pot against the big stack. I was open-ended on the flop and called his minimum bet then it was checked to the river when the 3rd diamond came. I went all-in, but turned out he was the one with the diamonds, so I was the 3rd one out. Tomorrow we have the Heat Series and that means a chance to win iPods. I hope I can do better than I did today.

After that I went to play MFC again. I really gotta get my hours in this year. My goal last year was 1000 hours each of MJ and Poker and I only got 1500 total. I was on the road a lot and doing a lot of work online, so this year I'm determined to get 1500 hours of each or 3000 hours total for the whole year. As of last night I'm up to 21 hours so I gotta get my ass into gear. The 2nd session of MFC was 4 games, all 3rd place. Not horrible but certainly nothing to brag about by any means. I ended up with some bad curry for dinner I think because what I intended to be 8 games ended at 4 and I came home to go to bed. Not a great start for my resolution, but I'm hanging in there.

Today is the 4th session of the League tournament. I'm in 5th place for my D2 League right now and the top 14 move up. I really can't let this chance go and I gotta hold my position. I hope that yesterday's MFC games were a good enough warm-up for today. I've been really concentrating on my MFC games lately and I can see myself improving. I like listening to music when I play but the arcades are always so loud so I'm gonna get some noise cancellation headphones today.

Wish me luck!

ただいま~新年があけまして、東京に戻って来ました。ポーカーを始めて打って、もう1年が経ち、今ポーカーを初めて打ってからもう1年間が経った。現在、一生懸命練習するようになって、PokerStars.netAsia Pacific Poker Tour (APPT)の日本語ブログを書く担当者になりました。それはそれでいいけど日本語わからない友達はそのブログを読めないし、ブログをいっぱい書きたくてもそんな時間は多いわけないから今日から、PokerStarsのブログは第一で、このブログは第2にします。http://www.reachmahjong.com/の私の英語麻雀HPでいいCMSを作ったのでやっと個人ブログを書く時間ができた☆実は英語でポーカーブログがまじ多い、そうして日本語で麻雀ブログも多いけどその逆は少ないはず。だから、2ヶ国語で書き、日本にいるファンの方も、英語の友達も私の麻雀とポーカーについて読めるようにします。では






Current Location: Tokyo, Japan

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February 4th, 2007
07:32 am


Awoken by a Dream
After finally falling asleep last night, it seems I was destined to end my slumber quickly and violently.

I saw a dream with someone who seems to have so much power over my psyche that after it awoke me from my solitude, I could no longer find the strength to pull my eyelids back shut.

The vision I saw was someone who had a great deal of influence on my life for close to 20 years. Then, as most men in my life tend to do, he disappeared more subtly but just as permanently as he hand found me. This relationship was that of a brother, friend, confidante and now, it seems, just a memory. So much, in fact, does he have an impact on my subconcious that I have found likeness in all mates thereafter.

The 20 years spent with this person seem like a millisecond compared to the past 2 without. It seems strange that this dream would occur and it makes me hope that it is simply a product of my own self-loathing of myself, married to my work and lacking in attentiveness to more than a few around me. I pray that is the motive and hope that I have not gained psychic powers in the night it took to manifest this nightmare.

The dream starts in a way I can't remember. Like most dreams, I didn't realize how much I would ponder the images until partway through. I remember that I have gone back to my hometown, like most years, for the winter holidays and I lock myself away, as I tend to do when I have a lot of work to piled up (finishing up a 48-hour session as I write now). My childhood memory has appeared with other familiar people in my life and I have opted not to exchange words. This annoys those around me and I explode, placing all the blame on that very one, who happened into the same place as me, but was by no means purposefully making a comeback into my life.

It all took place at an event held for my sister, albeit unspecific. My only thoughts were to flee from the one who inspired me so much throughout life and then left me without a word or a look back... I could no longer bear his likeness.

The dream ended the way it started with more intensity, my memories and dissappointment in this fellow overflowing like an erupted volcano of lost ambition flowing in tears and anger, leaving me no refuge save the realms of my blog in an imaginary location.

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January 2nd, 2007
10:13 am


Poker!! My New Year's Resolution...
Ok, so I have found a new pastime.... Yep, No-Limit Texas Hold'em. This is something that I can see myself continuing for a long time right alongside Mahjong.

So this week Garthe and I went to Las Vegas to scout places for future Mahjong tournaments. What better place than Vegas??
While we did look at venues and spent time with one of my friends from high school, we ended up spending most of our time at the poker tables.

This was my first time EVER playing poker. To be perfectly honest, it took all I had to remember that 'trips' (a new word I learned that means 'three of a kind') beats 2-pairs. I learned that poker, like mahjong, is an extremely addictive, extremely skill-based game. This is definitely something that I have to improve at. So this is my new gambling journal. Yay! I'll start with Poker (^^

So, out of about 48 hours spent in Sin City, 20 hours of that was spent playing poker. The problem with this is that since I don't know how to play poker, there was a HUGE chance that I would go home broke.
Fortunately, I've spent much time not only watching my friends play, but also listening to my friends talk about playing. This proved more valuable than I could imagine.

I spent the first 3 hours at MGM Grand at the 1-2 no limit tables. Oh boy was that scary! I had no idea how to get chips, so I just sat down. After playing black jack more hours than I probably ever needed to, I figured that I could buy chips at the table, but the first thing the dealer said to me was incomprehendible. Later I realized he was asking if I wanted to wait until the blinds came to me or post $2 to play right then. Since the only thing that I understood was "Do you want to wait?," I found a perfect opportunity to try and figure out how things work...
It took me about 3 hours, but I managed to lose $90!
First of all, I realized that in Texas Hold'em, since there is no anti (mandatory bet for all participants), it is best to fold MOST hands right off the bat. That saved me a lot of money that I may have lost if I never watched my friends play before.

Later we went to a local place off-strip. This was more challenging. I bought in for $100 and slowly gambled it away while waiting for a seat next to my friend to open up. Once it finally did, I had about $10 left, so I bought in another $50 and slowly started to catch on to things. I went down to about $5, waited for a premium hand and went all-in. Wouldn't you know it? I won!
I did it a few more times and went back over $100 (^.^)V
Yay Me!!

I gained a little bit of confidence and decided that this really is a game for me. It's hard though!! I think maybe Mahjong might be a bit easier... In Mahjong I feel like it is easier to play the tiles, but in poker, playing the cards just keeps you afloat, it definitely doesn't win you any money...

The third outing was back at the MGM. Here we not only spent way too long at an extremely tight table, we also made a friend or two! Hmmm.. Mixing business with pleasure... Not sure about this idea, but I really need to learn all I can so I am definitely Ok with making friends right now. I gave a couple of people my card but not really expecting any hits on it. Darn, guess I'm still on my own for a little while...
All three of us made money on the 3rd bout and we left just in time to catch our planes. Now I am back in Seattle and suffering from Poker-withdrawal. If only I had Mahjong for a quick fix but for now I will have to settle for online Mahjong on Ron2 and online Poker at Paradise.

Which brings me to my New Year's resolution. I am going to play 3 hours of Mahjong and 3 hours of Poker each day. Probably a lot of it will be MFC and Paradise Poker online, but it is something I am looking forward too. My goals for the year? I really need to earn a title in Mahjong and I am planning to put in at least 1,000 hours playing and studying poker. I think I will be able to double that with Mahjong but with our future travelling, we'll see what happens.

So here we go! 2007, New Games and new friends. Here I come!!

Current Mood: bouncybouncy

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November 11th, 2006
12:17 pm


What I like
I like what I like.

I always seem to choose one thing that I like and never stray from it.

At Starbucks I like iced soy chai tea lattes. In the US and Japan I always order this drink without fail.

The Starbucks in Taiwan don't have Chai, so I would normally get a chocolate milk or iced tea or some other non-coffee drink,but even though they have chocolate and milk, they do not offer this specific combination of chocolate milk. So I usually try to avoid Starbucks in Taiwan at all costs.

The obvious alternative in Taiwan is the milktea stands. I found one in particular that I like which carries a drink very similar to chai. I visit this place quite often and always order this particular drink, but because it is so special, on some occasions they don't have it. On these days I go thirsty.

That's because for some reason the drinks in Taiwan are almost all very sweet. I don't understand how these sweet drinks can quench anybody's thirst. At least they do not quench my thirst, so I usually try to stick to water in those situations.

Which leads me to the point that water is also quite rare to find at restaurants in Taiwan... Sometimes no cold beverages are offered at all. It is a very hard thing to get used to.

Luckily, I barely know any restaurants in this country and know even less people to go to the restaurants with, so I just go ahead and avoid this problem altogether!

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October 26th, 2006
03:00 pm


Teaching Mahjong
Since coming to Taiwan, I have been working on spreading the Reach Mahjong rules.

Right now I hold a teaching session once a week for students at my university. We are pretty diverse with people from the UK, the US and Japan. All people are welcome to come and there are about 4 or 5 people that consistantly come every week. Since November will be my last month here, we are going to increase our sessions to 2-3 times a week. My goal is to make at least 3 of the players completely self-sufficient and able to teach others the rules so that this group might have a chance to continue even after I am gone.

I want to introduce the type of mahjong that we play because I am sure it is not clear for those who have never played mahjong.

We play a type of mahjong called Reach Mahjong. These rules originated in Japan and also have American influence. There are a few key differences than the Chinese Official rules such as the way that the tiles are discarded, the scoring system and the list of hand points.

There are movements right now to make the Official Chinese Rules the 'International Rules'. This is a little bit silly. There is no reason that there has to be one set of rules. There is plenty of room to hold tournaments and gatherings for many different kinds of rules. This is why I want to introduce everyone to Reach Mahjong.

While there are less hands in Reach Mahjong, the specific rules are a little bit complicated compared to other rules. This makes it very easy to play other rules after learning the Reach rules.

Anyone who is interested in learning, please send me an e-mail. I'm in the middle of a big project to get a central Reach Mahjong spot in English, Chinese and Japanese and if you e-mail me I will make sure that you get updated information about the project.

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September 26th, 2006
12:33 am


Life in Taipei
Ok, so this is only the 4th place I've lived in the world. For some reason, other than Seattle I always seem to end up on some island. First it was Honshu (Japan), next was Oahu (Hawaii), back to Honshu and now Taiwan.

Everyday I go to school for 3 hours. I actually really enjoy my class. My speaking level is not improving as quickly as I would hope but my reading comprehension, writing skills and listening skills are definitely improving.

After school I usually go home for a bit of lunch and to do some work or studying and sometimes napping. After I wake up it's off to the gym to try and get some of my gymnastics skills back. At night I am home again working and studying and on the weekends I go to clubs.

I am really starting to feel more healthy now that I am doing gymnastics again... I guess I should exercise more in Tokyo, but it's so difficult. I really want to get more into yoga. Maybe after doing gymnastics everyday for 2-3 months it will be easier for me to do yoga after I get back.

Next week it's back to Tokyo for an event and JPML's League match. I'm excited!! I am starting to realize that I actually like Tokyo. It's hard to tell if it's because it's comfortable or if I really like it better.

But, I hope that someday I can have some work that will let me come to Taipei often. It's so close and I really like the people I have met so far.

I can't wait for practice again tomorrow!! But, for now time to study for tomorrow's test...

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July 14th, 2006
03:07 am


I am trying to write this from my phone.

On my way to my first Pro-Queen tournament.

If I win, more tournament tomorrow.

If I don't, tomorrow will be a day for getting ready for Taipei again and getting things ready for my website.

I've been working more and more, which is great, but I need more time in the day to get everything done!!

But, I'm having a great time with everything I'm doing.

How many people can say they are doing something they love?

And how many people can say they are doing 3 things they love?!

But I love mahjong, I love acting, and I love language.

I don't feel like I am the best at any one of them, but I am definitely the only one I know who is doing all three! And I am getting better at all of them.

I just might have one of the best lives in the world.

Ok, almost time to kick some ass!!

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July 8th, 2006
03:10 pm


A Student Again
Well, back in Tokyo (again).
I wsent to Taipei for a few days and attended my first set of classes. Unfortunately I can’t go this week. I am really enjoying it though! I remember now why I enjoyed learning languages and being part of a class gives me lots of motivation to study and get better. Maybe I should take some sort of Japanese class again too… Literature or something.
But, now that I am learning Chinese for ‘real’, I have started thinking about what language I want to learn next. I’m really leaning towards Spanish. It would be much easier to read than Chinese or Japanese, so I think I could learn quickly and pick up a lot of vocabulary through books.
Besides the work (a guest appearance tomorrow a shoot and a tournament at the end of the week) I have to do for the week I’m back, I also plan to get in at least 50 private/internet games of mahjong and catch up on my magazine subscriptions. That’s in addition to all the studying I have to do to keep up with my class back in Taipei!
But it’s great to be busy. I have things that I have to do and it gives me more to write about here too (^.^)
By the way I am using my new computer to write this. It is very small and it was a great price. Since it is so small, there is no DVD/CD player inside, but I got an external one and a great mouse and set of headphones/mic with it.
I’m set up for business! Hehe.
Ok, time to go over the schedule for this week.
Welcome back Jenn!!

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